Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sharon Found an Albin 25

Quite a few months ago(Feb), Sharon and her brother John were looking for Albin. They visited me to see Shatoosh. It was their fist look at the classic Albin 25 and they were hooked. Sharon just needed to find a suitable one for her.

She has found her dream boat in Nainaimo, BC. They have trailered her back to the USA, into Oregon and if you can believe this? Sharon settled on a quiet marina on the Multnomah Channel in Scappoose, Oregon. If this all sounds familiar, it is. She is berthed at my old marina.

Congratulations, Sharon for being a new owner and to John as well, as he looked at lots of boats on line weeding out some but finding this one for his sister. Sharon is re-naming her and making her, her own.Sharon says, "I'm so excited! I've decided to name her Riqueza. That is Spanish for riches or abundance." Hopefully, she will keep us informed  with her progress as a new Captain of her first boat. Sharon, I always encourage Albin owners to start writing their own blog, so we can enjoy, learn from and share our journeys with each other. There is not a better way to blog, from the beginning of your dream to own an Albin, find one and now begin a new life on the waters of the Columbia River. I have my fingers crossed and hopefully we can soon be reading your blog.