Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Question of the Day: Where Have I Been?

15 November: Sunday
I've heard from numerous people; Albin Boaters, friends and family, all wanting to know why the blog has been empty for one month. There is lots going on, winter rains have set in, the snow levels are descending on the mountains, I had a sinus problem and many dreams are being manifested.

Remember last month I placed a note in the cockpit of Harmony, the Albin I had known in the Delta, which now is berthed in Deer Harbor. The owner responded and states," yes, he bought the trailer along with the boat and he would be happy to let me rent it for the summer 2010." Talk about a fast reply from putting out my dream.

This response began a domino effect in my planning:
I need a tow vehicle compatible with the triple axel trailer to haul me to Idaho. A columbia river boater responds. Its Larry, the captain of the Starship.
I need to get the empty trailer on and off the island of Orcas. A local friend responds. Its my crew member, Linda who I am Fortunate to have as a friend..
As of today, my dream is becoming a summer reality. Combined with a fortunate friend, a Captain of the Starship, Harmony is sweet music to my ears and the stars are the limit. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I met with Dan, the skipper of the Whiskyjack, who has been patiently guiding me through the process of converting my HP mini computer into a chart plotter, using the free program called, SeaClearII and free NOAA charts. With all the newly acquired cables to connect my computer to my GPS/Radar I temporally wire the connections. I had some problems, and with the rainy weather, I didn't want to head out of the slip to get a GPS signal. I have a covered slip and don't get a signal under the shed. Dan, meets me on board and asks if my ole handheld Garmin 48, had a simulator mode. I said,"yes". We shifted over to that mode and bingo, the cursor was cruising down the river. I spent less than $20 and saved several thousands. Thank you, several thousands times over, Dan. I'm so happy I took the extra time to meander down to his boat that one sunny afternoon and meet him. He is such an incredible resource.

Back home, after taking care of my health, I set out to fabricate the final version of my navigational tray for my HP mini. I decided on using Plexiglas with wood corners to stabilize the computer.

My make shift work bench.

The wood has been painted black to match my mini.

When the weather permits, I will head back down to Shatoosh, take her out and play with my new setup.

The Albin Yahoo Group funnels in all the emails, so I get a good look at pulse of the Albin happenings worldwide, especially on the east coast. I have conversed with John many times, who owns Ms.Bettencourt in Augusta GA. The other day he posted a noted stating he was planning on transforming a used swim platform that he had acquired and did anyone have any info on designs, styles, measurement. I responded immediately, telling him of my designed platform. I mailed him a paper template so he now has data to help him with his project.
This is a final version of the swim plaltform we put on Lit'l Bit, Jo's Albin.

He shared with me there is a company in Vancouver Wa who has templates for sliding side windows for the Albin 25. Good luck, John. It is so nice to share with you.

I've gotten to do some non-boating things; have lunches with many wonderful friends, see some movies, work on winterizing my front door and meditation room, send distant Reiki treatments to many ill friends and take a computer course, The Transformational Journey, The Upward Shift, by Sally Kempton. It has been a wonderful month, filled with inner and outer adventures. that I cherish, even in the rain.