Friday, September 30, 2011

McMicken Island and Another Storm

30 September 2011 Friday

The sunrise was gorgeous and several orbs were present in the photos.

It is 1015 hrs when I depart and I slowly travel around the edge of the island, looking at flocks of birds. I see the weather is changing and fast, so throttle up and with the ebbing tide I am a Surf Scooter myself, moving along at 7.4 kts.

My timing is perfect. I tie Shatoosh up in her slip and the rains come with numerous thunder claps. The weather clears, I meet more new neighbors and finally I get to my list of chores; check engine/batteries, connections to espar heater--I tried to start it at Skagit Island and I had no power to it. I remembered that connector wire I had to re-swag, well it seems I re attached it to the wrong terminal. She runs like a charm when hooked up correctly. Then I got to cleaning the stove, vacuuming the carpets, washing the boat, and re stowing dock lines and fenders.

The good news is that during the rain storm I had cell coverage  in the slip.

Day's run: 7.1nm
Total 25.8