Thursday, September 15, 2011

Roche Harbor to Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island.

11September2011 Sunday

Elizabeth and Rags
Barka Bella

Several of Washington boats hold out to depart Roche at noon and Elizabeth on P&K Barka Bella stays another day. I jockey Shatoosh to get in que for the fuel dock and top off my tank with 7 gallons. I decide to head to Stuart Island again and perhaps pick up a buoy in Prevost Harbor. I have made my new buoy line as instructed by Charlie on the Blue Dolphin. I am excited about using it.

There is a large inbound freighter, the Global Express, that I am watching, as he has a big bow wake. I am just about at Turn Point when I see the wakes appearing, but they all have breaking waves on them. I turn Shatoosh and slow down. As they get closer I am startled at their size and steepness. They are short stacked, as well. I say to myself, "get ready".

Watch Your Wake

Shatoosh starts climbing upwards at a steep angle and gets hit with a breaking wave over her bow. She comes through the breaker and her bow starts to fall when the second wave breaks over her bow and the third wave breaks soon after. For the first time in all our big ship's wakes we have taken, all the books on the port shelving falls off, along with the space heater. Several forks flip out of the tray. The tea kettle stays put on the galley, as does the paper cup on the head sink. They never fall off. Wow, this has been the worst wake we have taken.

I pull into Prevost Harbor and pick up my buoy with my new line. I go forward into the v-berth and open the hatch. I take up some slack on my buoy line and cleat her down. Well, that was easy and safe. NO more walking the line forward. This is going to make my life easier and safer. Thank you Charlie Brown on Blue Dolphin.

I settle down and hand wash some clothes and they are dry in no time, thanks to another sunny day. The near full moon rises and today has been wonderful.

Today's run: 9nm.
Total: 250nm