Friday, September 30, 2011

The Day Is Too Beautiful To Do Chores

29 September 2011 Thursday

I have a list of things to do that is in my pocket, but I arrive back at Zittel's Marina about 1100 hrs. I run into that man who has his portaboat strapped to his Sundowner Tug. We talk for a while and he visits Shatoosh to see her swim platform and he thinks I can do what he is doing. "Just Strap Her On." OK, that is where we will begin our journey.

I decide that  the weather is just too beautiful to do chores, so within minutes of coming on board, Shatoosh is heading out of her slip, the marina and on her way west; to visit some old favorites, Jarrel's Cove and McMickin Island. I am out about 30 minutes and I come across another partially submerged dinghy. The transom has eyebolts so I attach my buoy line and stern line to them and lift her up on the platform. We slowly cruise back to the marina and I hoist her up on the fuel dock. While I am there, I go ahead and top off my tank and the friendly marina help will take care of the dinghy.  I'm just happy to be a tug boat again.

I'm off again and cruise west along the Harstine Island shore and pass McMickin Island. I cruise into Jarrel's cove and check her out. There are lots of buoys and dock space. I slide up to the pumpout station and get rid of my waste. It is about 1700 hrs by the time I pick up a buoy at McMickin. Another small trawler comes in behind me and takes a buoy at the west end. There are lots of birds in the area and many I do not recognize.
I do see some Loons, Red Necked Grebs and Surf Scooters.

I have a very peaceful night.
Day's run: 19.7nm