Monday, September 5, 2011

Hanging Out on Orcas Island with Friends

4 September 2011 Sunday

Yesterday I noticed my flagstaff was wobbling and upon checking it out I realized that 2 screws were loose, so my project this morning was to repair the problem. I used my swim platform to dismantle it and clean the area. I think these 2 screws need to be through bolted, but for now I replaced the screws with larger ones and recaulked the fitting. I took out the vinyl liner in the aftcabin to see what was going on with the screws and sure enough they were not through bolted. For now this is a quick fix and I can through bolt them later. At least it is secure and won't leak.

My tray doubles as a great place to sort screws. The boat is a mess within minutes, but easily restored back to order.

In the middle of my project a man flies in on his own ultralite amphibious plane. I help him dock as he doesn't have a dock line on board. Then another boat is being towed by the vessel assist boat and I help them dock. Its a busy morning.

I get an email from a gal who lives here on the island. She is a FBR and saw Shatoosh at the dock, but I wasn't around. Hopefully we can meet tomorrow morning. Wow, another blog reader.

Andy and Rae picked me up and we went to the ferry landing and bought sandwiches at the grocery and then took them over to the gift shop where our friend Dee Dee works. While we ate she would run in and out of the shop and talk with us. Dee Dee and her late husband lived on Crane for many years and owned the Argo. Dee Dee, now lives on Orcas and she is the best dressed lady on the island. After work she visited Shatoosh and I just had to take a picture of her on board. Shatoosh has never had such a fancy lady in her cockpit before. Departing she did take her high heels off to walk on the dock barefooted, so she wouldn't catch her heel in the cracks on the dock.

Island life is so varied. Rae introduced me to a very young looking man who owns his own island. Wouldn't that be nice? Being on Orcas and Crane makes me happy that these islands and people played such an important role in my life. Andy and Rae have always had such a positive influence on my life. They are both so fun loving and full of life and spirit. It has been a delight to be with them again and I am very grateful to have had them in my life for all these years.
The sunset was spectacular.
Picnic Island in Background