Thursday, September 15, 2011

Albineers of BC Gather At Roche Harbor

The Albineers come to Roche Harbor 9,10,11 September 2011

Mana Kai and a metal hardtop
 15 boats attended with 8 from Washington and 7 from BC. It was wonderful to see everyone and their magical boats. So many variations, ideas and I leave thinking about things with new eyes. I really enjoyed meeting so many enthusiastic members. I finally met Jack on Harmony. We had emailed numerous times and he had generously offered me the use of his trailer when I was planning on doing the Snake. I knew Harmony when she was in the Delta of California. I got to put a face on him. I discover that many of the members had been reading my blog, so this trip has really been about meeting all those faceless blog readers. How nice it has been.

A nice stern rail

Turtle has a partial hardtop with opening hatch


Cabin hatch

Outboard stored at bow

storage container for propane canisters
polyline for stern ties

Full aft berth with hinged access to below waterline cooling of beverages. The wine was chilled.

Charlie shows his buoy line
He sides up to buoy and attachs snap shackle to it. Then he goes forward thru the cabin and takes in the slack of the line via the hatch. When wanting to disconnect from the buoy, he lets out all the slack line from the v-berth and then motors forward until the buoy is at the cockpit. He reaches down and unshackles the buoy. He clips the shackle inside the cockpit on the side wall.
Very clever and safe buoy pick up. Thanks for sharing with me, Charlie.