Monday, October 10, 2011

Jean Joins Hira on Shatoosh

Zittel's Marina to Gig Harbor
 7 October 2011 Friday

Hira welcomes her twin, Jean onboard to cruise for a few days. The log book states her last crew time was April 2006. This makes her 6th trip on Shatoosh. While it has been a while since she has been on board, she quickly remembers her boating skills. After all, she once had a Captain's License, was a Yacht Broker, sailed Sabra with me to the mainland from Hawaii, chartered numerous boats and owned several sailboats. Her favorite was Namaste, a Gulf 32 in which she lived aboard in Hawaii. Ah, the sweet life of years gone by.

The weather is very questionable, and when we arrive at the marina, there is fog and drizzle, but by the time we are ready to back out of the slip, the rain has stopped and the fog has lifted. With lifted spirits, we buck the tide and make our way over to Eagle Island where lots of Harbor Seals are pretending to be sun bathing. We are meeting several of our old Army PT/OT buddies in Gig Harbor. Jean was also in the Army as  a PT. We will have an early dinner and have some time to show Care and Jean the Gig Harbor Museum.

We hug the shoreline to get some lift of a counter current
at the Tacoma Narrows Bridges.

The radar shows off the shores and bridges.

Jean is happy to be back on the helm

The newer section is forward and the older section is behind.

The Adventuress is in Gig Harbor 

We have a wonderful time at the Museum and Mexican dinner with old friends. What a grand day. The Adventuress departed that evening for Tacoma, but returned the next morning.
Day's run 18.8nm