Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shallow Bay to Fossil Bay Sucia Another Albin

15 September 2011 Thursday

A southerly wind is kicking up, perhaps making a meeting with friends on Clark not a good thing. I pull into Fossil Bay to see how the winds are and I see an Albin tucked behind the inner dock. They are waving to me and since I do not recognize the boat from the Roche Harbor gathering, I pull in and dock behind them. It is really calm here so decide on settling for the night.

I meet Steve and Nancy on the Manatee and I discover that they are yet, another FBR. More blog readers. This is amazing to me and exciting.

They are off for a hike and I have a mug of coffee and cruise around in Pashmina, meeting and talking to other boaters. I meet a couple who live in Napa and she is a vineyard owner, Perry Vineyards, and kept her boat at Oxbow Marina after I left there. A small world.

Later I get to see Manatee and Steve has done alot of work on her, but he says he has a long list.

I like these dinghy wheels

Cockpit storage locker for Propane tanks

They have a propane stove and heater.

Soon after Brock and Bambina arrive. He has picked up his 2 high school friends and the 3 of them will cruise on a 16 ft boat. It is good that they are such long time friends. Not many people are that compatible. Brock brings them over to see Pashmina, as I have put her back on the rooftop.

This boat is from Anchorage, AK and he extends his cruising grounds by coming to BC and the fall. Inspite of the cost of this vessel, it also has a portabote folded on top. This is my 6th one that I have seen. I talk him into going to the south sound and he gives me the pitch to go to the inside passage.

The sunset is beautiful.

Days run 3nm
'Total 268nm