Thursday, September 15, 2011

Prevost Harbor to Fox Cove Sucia Island

13 September 2011 Tuesday

Meals afoot and afloat
 After my morning coffee and light breakfast, Brock, Elizabeth were out on the dock, when the Kayak Tour guide, a young looking girl approaches us offering lots of left over blueberry pancakes, bacon and cantaloupe. She has even brought a jug of maple syrup with her. Boy, oh, boy we are hitting the jackpot on the Prevost dock for sure. We are gobbling this down like we are starving. Life just keeps getting better and better.


Brock and Bambina
 At noon Elizabeth heads for Orcas, I head for Sucia and later Brock and Bambina zoom past me as he heads for Patos. Greg and Francie in their Carver 26 stay and wait for friends returning from BC. What a nice time we have had.

Little Sucia Island
 I tour through Shallow Bay but all the buoys are taken so I continue on to Fox Cove between Little Sucia and Sucia. The current is ripping in here and I have to throttle up to make headway. I pick up my buoy easily and am loving this new setup. This is really the answer to my problem. It is not a problem, just it is safer than going forward with the buoy line on the deck when I single hand so much. It is safer and wiser to go forward through the cabin, just as I do when anchoring.

By sunset all the buoys are taken and one boat anchored.

Day's run 14nm
Total 264nm