Thursday, September 15, 2011

Prevost Harbor on the Dock

12 September 2011 Monday

Elizabeth of the Barka Bella stated she might venture over. I call her on the VHF and she is in Reid Harbor looking for me. She heads for Prevost and I try my release technique on the buoy line. I go forward and open the hatch, releasing the excess line from the cleat. Upon returning to the helm I place Shatoosh in forward and slowly and gently place the buoy on my port side near my cockpit window. There she is, I reach down and unsnap my shackle and return the line to the cockpit and snap her on the boat hook, which is hanging on the grab bar. How easy and safe is all this. I move Shatoosh to the inside dock and several guys pick up my lines for me. One fella, Greg, was over in Roche and I had met him on Sunday. Another guy was cruising in a 16 ft C-Dory and had his camp stove on the dock.Shades of my buddy, Too Tall Tom and his 16 ft Arima

Brock and Bambina

Shatoosh, Barka Bella adn Bambina

Elizabeth rounds the corner and is soon docked across from Shatoosh. We have a great time talking with each other. Brock on Bambina, the C-Dory is a wonderful guy and soon he is in Pashmina taking her out and about the bay. Its not long and he decides to buy her. We will get together at the end of my trip to finalize the deal. He will be the perfect owner for this sweet little Zodiac. Pashmina is happy, as her new owner is very kind and gentle. Besides that, he will take her to fresh water which she likes.

Brock and Pashmina
Love at first sight

Greg and his wife Francie ask us all to dinner to help them eat their charcoaled pork loin. We have a big spread and enjoy talking with each other. The moon comes up and we all return to our warm boats to escape the coolness of the evening. There is a campfire on the hill with some kayakers. It looks like a nice, comfortable scene with the fire and the rising moon and the sun setting. What could be better than this? Good food, good friends and good boats.