Friday, September 16, 2011

Me and Matia


My route today

The weather report for tonight is SE winds with a storm after midnight. I'm suppose to meet my FBR from Lummi today on Clark Island, however that will not be a good place for me to spend the night. After bidding my friends farewell I take off at 1040hrs. I decide to peek into Rolfe's Cove on Matia Island, the buoys are open and only one boat at the dock. She looks so inviting. This has always been a favorite place of mine. But, aren't all the places my favorite? Yes.

There is a tuggy looking boat in the small cove next door anchored nicely. I move on to Clark and the winds and seas pick up and are now from the SE. This doesn't not look good for FBR to come over in an open boat. I call and leave a message. I turn around and return to Matia where the small cove will be protected tonight from the SE storm. Too bad we can't get together again

I pick up my buoy like a pro, even with the swirling currents as the ebb tide flowed out. Another boat has buoyed up, but doesn't stay long and the vessel on the dock leaves. Another large cruiser comes in and stays for a short time.

A couple of teenage boys come by in a dinghy. They are taking photos of the sandstone for a report and the school has given them a mega camera. I ask them to take my photo and I inturn take theirs. Then they are off looking for the best shot of sandstone. I have taken a large collection of photos which I will post later. It is really something to see.

Then I look up and a huge trimaran is drifting in under sail and spends most of the afternoon on the dock. It is interesting to watch these 3 guys turn her around at the dock and sail out with hardly any wind. At one point we all thought she might be shoved down on Shatoosh. Two of the guys were down low on the big outriggers, paddling like mad to get her to turn to starboard. I went forward anyway with my boat hook, just in case. They moved her over and out of the cove. It was fun to watch them work as a team.

Outside of the cove a gaff rigged schooner sails by: I couldn't miss this series of photos:

Its been said that these rocks will gobble you up and

then spit you out.

I say to myself, "this is your chance to take over the dock and have Matia all to yourself." I start the engine, put her in forward and release my shackle off my buoy. Drop my starboard fenders, and head for the dock. I don't know how long I can claim my island for my own, but for now she's all mine. Just me and Matia. I fix dinner and eat on the picnic table. A boat pulls in, circles and leaves. Nope, Matia is still mine, as the sun sets and I am a very happy camper.

Days run 8nm
Total 276nm