Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Long Night and Head Winds to Zittel's Marina

25 September 2011 Sunday
The winds abated and I got 3 hours sleep, then they started back up with rain. I could see that the dock was awash with phosphorescent waves.  It was a long night, but morning brought some peace and quiet. After breakfast the south wind started to blow so I moved Shatoosh out to a buoy as I wanted to try my new shackle that I had purchased in Gig Harbor. It worked perfect.

I called the marina and told them I was arriving and I was instructed to tie up to the fuel dock and come in. By the time I started to cross the wind had whipped up a sloppy mess. I throttled back and took an easy 4nm  ride across the inlet to Johnson Point.

Harbor Seals on the Breakwater

After looking at my slip I headed for the fuel dock and by then the wind gusts were picking up. I had to struggle a bit with the dock lines to hold Shatoosh steady on the dock, then took a fast jump in and made my way weaving down through some of the larger side tied vessels. Even with the wind on my stern, Shatoosh slide easily into her slip. As I was tying up the lines the winds blasted through with pouring down rain. Just in time, and after several squalls I glance up to see a welcoming rainbow near the point.
day's run 4nm
Total for entire trip: 431nm
Pouring Rain