Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blind Bay to Stuart Island: Carol Joins in the Fun

6 September 2011 Tuesday

Fog at Blind Bay
 Fog rolls in and I sit and wait until I can see Orcas before departing to pick up my friend Carol. She parks her car and I get new supplies onboard.

We change our plans due to the fog bank that is not budging from it's grip on Lopez. So instead we head to Stuart Island where they say they have a pumpout. West Sound was charging $15.00 and Deer Harbor's price was $8.00. I'm betting on the free pumpout at Stuart.
Carol, at the helm and eating snacks
Carol and I take a hike

Dock at Reid Harbor Stuart Island

 Just as we pull into Reid Harbor, we see the park rangers hauling the pumpout station out. It is the day after labor day so I'm certain it is full. I figure they are taking it to Roche Harbor over on San Juan island and will bring it back. In the meantime we grab a dock space, next to 2 older couples. One has sailed around the world and the other couple has just returned from the Broughtons in British Columbia.The pumpout station returns to its position in the harbor for use. Hurray
Day's run13nm
Total 188nm