Thursday, September 22, 2011

Launching of Hummingbird Chris Craft

20 September 2011 Tuesday

I am heading back to Cornet Bay by Deception Pass and will tie up at the Deception Pass State Park Docks. Patty, one of the blog readers with a face now, called and said her friends, Judy and husband Jip, who are also blog readers are launching Hummingbird today and they would like to meet me. Judy has an Albin 25 which is for sale at a bargin price of $14000.00. Hummingbird is a Chris Craft that has been restored over the last 3 years by Jip. After many delays, the trucker arrived with Hummingbird. He would launch her, however her engines weren't up to par, so to make a long story short, Jip wanted me to haul her over to their slip. Judy and Patty wanted the Vessel Assist to do it. We are all in a stand off when the assist boat arrives. Jip being the Captain of his ship chooses Shatoosh and me to do the job, and sends Vessel Assist back to the marina.

Jip has total confidence in my ability to handle Shatoosh. I mean, he is a blog reader, he should know, after all. I reply, yes I can handle my boat, but I have never towed a boat and put her in a covered slip before, but, "I have stayed at a Holiday Inn"( remember that commericial). So I am qualified. I say, "lets get on with it", as the day is ending soon. Judy and I go get Shatoosh and the 4 of us tie the boats together. Patty and Jip walk us back out of the boat ramp and I throw Shatoosh in reverse, turn her around and head for their marina. The boats ride well together and we are blessed with calm waters, currents, tides and zero wind.

Earlier in the day, I had made a run over there to top off my fuel tank and buy a few things. I see Judy's Albin and notice where the covered slips are. It turns out to get to their slip we will have to make 3 left turns and their slip is the last on the left. This is the best approach for Shatoosh and her engine, so I am most familiar with this maneuvering. Everyone works well together and in no time Hummingbird is her her new berth and we are all glad to have everything go well. Judy takes me aboard, her boat and she is a good buy with an upgraded Yanmar engine. It has a good dinghy to boot.

Jip stays aboard Hummingbird to keep on top of the ingress of water, while Judy, Patty and I go for Mexican food on Fidalgo Island. We get to drive over Deception Pass to look down at the waters, Shatoosh and I have traversed yesterday. Judy is about to retire from being Staff Chief Engineer on the Yakima Ferry and Jip is a retired Chief Engineer for the Ferry System. Patty and her husband have a beautiful sailboat on Orcas. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of their launching of this beautiful boat, the Hummingbird and to have met such talented and wonderful people. In the morning we will depart, but Deception Pass and these blog readers have made an impression on Shatoosh, Pashmina and Hira. Shatoosh and Hira get to be tug boaters for a change and Pashmina says, " the adventures always amaze me."