Monday, September 19, 2011

Deception Pass: Whidbey Island to Fildalgo Island

19 September 2011 Monday

Yesterday evening I began to ponder where I would go today after leaving Spencer Spit.Trying to stay in the mode of going and seeing new places I decide that Deception Pass must be on the list. 30 years ago, it was on my Scary List, so I never went through it. I always crossed the Straits of Juan de Fuca. With all the Adventures of Shatoosh and Pashmina under my belt, I should take it on. So, I checked out the slack tides and the 1434 time looked good to me.

It was very still all night and I awoke early and quite rested. The first ferry got us rolling a bit. Some boats left early, as well. I have been thinking more about my buoy line and am going to tweak it a bit for finer use. Rather than go forward to the v-berth to take up the slack, I decided that I could extend the line back to the aft cleat, leaving the main line in the forward chock. Then I could adjust the line  from the cockpit.  I had some extra line so set up my new line and gave it a try. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Now, this is exactly what I needed and wanted.

At 1000 hrs I depart and hug Frost Island, as Spencer Spit really extends a far piece into the water. Several people were walking the Spit and getting their feet wet at the bitter end. I swing around and see only one buoy on the southern side. They must have taken many of them up.

Spencer Spit

Since this is so calm in here, it would be the perfect place to drop that anchor with the extension of chain and get her up again. I did it with ease, so now that is solved. I'm on an early roll as I meander south and east between Lopez, Decatur, Trump and Center islands. At 1100hrs I pass through Lopez Pass and fish a little in the small cove before heading across Rosario Straits, which are calm and no wind.


Spencer Spit to Lopez Pass

Lopez Pass to Bowman Bay

Bowman to Skagit Island

Buoyed up at Bowman Bay

I'm crossing diagonally to Bowman State Park which is just outside Deception Pass. This will be a good place to wait for slack tide. A Trawler comes in just ahead of me and then a Canadian sailboat with a single hander. Both dock at the unattached float, while I buoy up with my latest version:2.0. After lunch and a bit early there are boats gathering outside Bowman Bay and the other 2 boats start to move. I had planned on leaving at 1430 as it would only take 5 minutes to get over there. Boats are not only gathering they are moving through, so I move out as well. There are about 5 boats ahead of me. I plan to hold back and watch and about half way through the big boats are having to pick up their rpms to move through. I hang back some more and see all go through so at 1430, I move up to my cruising rpm of 2700 and drive through at 5.3k. There is still some turbulence but not much. I move down and check out the State Park in Cornet Bay, but want to see what the buoy situation is at Skagit and Hope Islands. There are 2 buoys at Skagit and in spite of them looking very close to shore I take the one in the middle of the island. If I get too close I have lots of other options.

I jig and get 2 soles one I keep and one I throw back. This will be good for dinner. There were many small fishing boats at the bridge area and lots of people fishing on shore, so the pinks must be running. Once inside I troll for a spell but nothing.

I am happy with my buoy and  the slight wind has calmed itself and the sunset is gorgeous. This has been a fun and challenging day. Deception Pass is certainly beautiful and the Bowman Bay park is nice and big. I'm really happy I added this to my 2011 list as it has added an unique corner.of boating to my world. For all the people who are afraid of Deception Pass, don't be. At slack tide, it is a wonderful opportunity and gives you another option of getting the San Juan Islands; Deception Pass, The Straits of Juan de Fuca and the Swinomish Channel. Some people say,  as you age you become more frightened. NOT ME, I'm  braver now than when I was born. Everyone should throw away their scary lists and live a fun filled, free life.

Deception Pass

Day's Run:18nm
Total 312nm