Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's in the Dry/Survival Bag?

This is a good question and I packed it with the thoughts that since we will be within the 3 mile curvature of the coastline that survival needs would be short term. All items are lashed in Pashmina.
 Contents are:
1. dry clothes for Joyce and I, including socks, long underwear, warm caps, turtle neck shirts and pants.
2. Flares
3. 2 gallons water with 2 drinking bottles
4. Green drink( has about 12 fruits and vegetables/ digestive enzymes) for 1 week
5. Electrolytes/ vitamin C to go into green drink.
6. Simple tools: knife, screw driver, hacksaw, pliers
7. Head lights with white and red lights
8. sunscreen/ simple medical supplies
9. fire starter
10. Zodiac repair kit.
11. Batteries for lights/strobes on jackets