Friday, June 17, 2011

Port Townsend Another Day in Port

I have caught up posting all the photos on the different legs of our cruise. So take a peek

Last night Joyce and I ate at the Chinese restaurant here on the Point. It was wonderful and my fortune cookie seemed like a very good omen: "You will reach a goal for which you have been striving."

This has been a very relaxing day. It helps to lay over and re-group on things, take some time to hang out and see this great town. It is truly a seaport town. I went in and took a shower, while Joyce got breakfast ready. It was delicious as ever. I did the dishes, while Joyce showered and started the laundry. Another boat is to dock behind us, so when she returns, we turn Shatoosh around so we can depart tomorrow with the bow outwards. We are all clean, so don our new Salish Sea t-shirts, but put a long sleeve shirt as a first layer.

A Nordhaven 45 pulls in and the couple is taking her maiden voyage. She is a well traveled vessel, cruising the south pacific. This is a sea going boat and is beautiful. They give us a tour and wow, the pilothouse is a beauty. Another dock mate has problems with his engine this morning and it turns out he caught a crab pot line on his prop, so they are being hauled out.

I see an Erikson from Hood River, Oregon. They are live aboards and have been berthed in Scappoose up river from me. A small world. They crossed the bar the day before we did and ran into the guys in Port Angeles that I met at Martin Slough who were crossing the bar on the 10th. This couple will keep their boat in the south sound.  There are several Boat Clubs having their cruise-ins this weekend. Lots of folks walk the docks here, so I hang my Banner in the stern window, put out my flag and tidy up the boat. My long time friend Mary is coming today to visit and take us to lunch and to the grocery store. This will be a big help. We have a delicious Indian lunch which suits us fine. We bring on the stores from Safeway: lobster tails and Alaskan salmon. It has been a delight to see Mary again. We crewed together along the Mississippi and Florida intracoastal waterway and both owned Kenner Kittiwakes in Texas.

I show Joyce how to put in waypoints into the sea clear program for the last days of our journey together.
We have had to change some of our plans for next week. We will only be staying in Gig Harbor one night and that is on the 23 June, Thursday. This has been another sunny, beautiful day. I love it.

In Pt Hudson Marina

Cute as a button

45 ft Nordhaven

Taking a tow to be hauled out

Team Salish Sea

Mary and Hira