Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Launching Day

After going to bed before dark last night I am awake at 0500 hrs rearing to go. The sky is blue, but by 0700 hrs there is a huge fog bank around the local area. By the time I get back to the laundromat it is all grey again. I decided that since I have time to wait today to launch, that I should treat my 41 year old sleeping bag to a good wash and dry cycle in the big machines. I have to say, I don't recall when it was last washed, but she sure looks like new now.

Upon returning to Shatoosh the guys have finished putting on the swim platform and it looks so good. So stable and strong.

Only 2 holes below the water line, on the inner brackets.

I like this one from the side street.

At 1600 hrs, the Salmi team arrives, they let me ride the ways down, in Shatoosh. Charles is running the engine controls, Steve and Dave are on the railcar, high atop the ramps, ready to lower the braces that hold Shatoosh upright.  The rail car slows and we float off. They hand line me around the piliing, tie me up and run an elecrical card down to me. I get to stay here until departure day. After settling in at the dock the rains begin, lightly, but continue off and on all evening and night.

She looks good and is ready to go to the ocean.