Monday, June 20, 2011

From Tall Ships to Small Ships

TLW and HC as we depart

I like this wee-little one.

We have to buck the tide, so it doesn't matter when we depart. We look at the marina office and all the goods to buy. Port Ludlow Marina is very well organized, equipped, and very friendly. It has been a nice place to stay. There is lots of room to anchor out. I take an extra pair of docksider shoes that I don't wear anymore to the Hawaiian Chieftain and donate them, as I am certain that someone can use them. The girl was most pleased to get the gift. Joyce takes the helm and goes to the fuel dock so we can pump out the head and we are off at 0954 hrs.
All day we see dolphins and seals. They are small compared to the pacific ones  and they are quick.

At 1120 we pull in close to shore at Point NO Point  to see the lighthouse. We see red polutants in the water which covers many miles. I think it might be red tide, which some one confirmed. It is algae wich poisons the shellfish. Terrible looking.

Red Tide

Kingston Ferry

Finally in short sleeves

Agate Pass

Joyce and I cruise the cute city.

I miss seeing my Great Blue Herons

I feel this way.

I'm feeling glad for certain and we are on top of the world. The sun is shining, the seas flat, everyone is friendly and helpful. Pulsbo is a wonderful Norweigan town, nestled in the back waters of the sound. It is far away from the maddening crowds, however the bakery was a hot spot this afternoon, when we were overtaken by the waifing smells of this famous bakery. We must make a visit before we depart int he morning.
This has been a smooth, easy day. So mellow and calm.
Days run 28nm
Total 419nm.