Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Haulout at the Warrenton Boat Yard

I slept good "on the ways", but I sleep good every night. I have all the pillows, bedrolls in the forepeak with me  from the aft cabin, so there's lots of fluffy padding around me. The blogspot was down for maintainence yesterday, so I am uploading all the photos for the last few days. I hear the water going, so Charles is beginning to powerwash @0800 hrs and will paint this afternoon.

Dave is working on the swim platform. This morning I sent Charles an email with an attached photo from my files of Lit'l Bits' platform so he could get an idea of bracket placement.. Isn't the internet amazing? He is having to do some modifications and is making a wedge to get the angles correct. The 2 smaller brackets have slightly different angles, if you can believe that. These were all bought from a manufacture who sold them thru West Marine.

I went down to the market and it is lovely, just as the internet customer response said it was. I checked out the fish market next door and discovered they were selling sand dabs. Jean always orders them when in San Diego and says they are the best. I bought 2 small ones for $2.20. Salmon is over $20.00 a lb. I'll cook them up tonight and we will call the recipe, Haulout Sand Dabs.

These are the crab pots that line the Washington coast and they started hauling them down to the boats today. This is what we have to really watch for so we don't get the lines in our prop.

The sun came out some, off and on, but a chilly breeze still blows. NO Rain. This has been another delightful day. Having the Salmi Brothers work on your boat is such a treat. They are such kind, gentlemen and they really work with such focus and calmness. They are the best! The brackets are on, the bottom painted and Dave is making his marks to drill and attach the platform in the morning. We will wait probably until afternoon to launch, again waiting for the incoming tide to fill the railway.

The guys thought the swim platform looked like an original design from Albin and then they were impressed when I told them it was my first attempt at designing and making something from scratch. It looks really nice and the guys did such a great job installing it.
Years ago when I designed it, my friend Johanna had an Albin 25 Li'l Bit, stored in Tacoma. I went down several times and used the stern to take the measurements. First making a cardboard template and then transferring that to a MDF board. Then she flew over from Hawaii, where she lived, and she cut the final version on the King Starboard that I had bought. King Starboard has a non skid tred imprint in it, so it is not slick when wet. We.installed one on her boat.  Mine has been in the garage for years, so it is so good to finally see it, in its final form.

After all their work, I set about to put the aft cabin back together. I wrestled with that vinyl cover a few times before I got it to fit in its proper place. Now, Joyce's aft cabin is all nice and ready for her arrival on the 9th. It was about 1930hrs when I finally fixed the Haul Out Sand Dabs. Garlic and butter makes everthing taste yummy.

Today marks more new readers from my stats section: The Faroe Islands. You might have to look them up, I did, as I had never heard of them.