Friday, June 10, 2011

1 Day to Departure

 Joyce arrived last night on the greyhound bus from Portland. I caught a cab to the Fred Meyer Store in Warrenton to meet her.
Today we went into town and had a nice breakfast, then started an orientation program going through the boat. Joyce has been on shatoosh many times but it has been a while and there are more things to go over for this specific trip. After a while, she takes Shatoosh out and we got to the Warrenton Marina and pumpout the head and then over to the Skipanon Marina to see if Bob was there but the office was closed. We then went out to the mouth of the river to show Joyce the 180 degree view. The seas were flat with a slight wind.

She tries on her survival suit and life jacket.
We take the city bus to Astoria and have a nice lunch and then walk to the Maritime Museum which is awesome and take a tour of the Columbia Light Ship.

A cab home, a slight break, and then off to the grocery store for last minute items. While storing the food items I notice the DC refrigerator fan is not putting out what it normally does. A quick look reveals a loose wire, which is fixed. Then we clean out some small debris in the water intake filter. All is ship shape and we relax for a spell. The bar report sounds really good. We will depart in the morning early to be at Buoy "10" by 0525  hrs.
A great day and so nice to have Joyce on board.