Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Are Off Again ..To Port Ludlow and the Tall Ships

It is foggy again and cold. I put the electric heater on in the cabin and then later in the cockpit. Joyce is happy about this new twist of warmth. After breakfast we roam around looking and talking to different boat owners and they visit Shatoosh. Last evening we went aboard the Ariel, and when the 2 men on board hear we had not only crossed the bar, but went into La Push... they said, "men don't even go into La Push". They have been on a 12 year refit of this 60 ft Taiwanese built ketch. They are headed north up and around Vancouver Island, then down to the Broken Islands and then off south to Southern California. It is good to see so many people cruising. The Martha was in and out of port this weekend. I saw her a year or so ago at the Schooner fest in Tacoma. She is a beauty.

1200 hrs...We are off again...with foggy weather, headed for Port Ludlow. See ya soon.
The wind zero, the seas flat, the tide flooding some, the fog has lifted and we can see Point Marrowstone.
About 6 of the boats depart at the same time. We pass a classic coming into Port Townsend At Marrowstone Point we hit a rip and it was as though we sailed into thick mud, sliding to a screeching 2.3 knots and it took a while to get back up to 6.5k which we carried for the remainder of the trip. Just off the entrance to Port Ludlow I could see the Hawaiian Chieftain coming out  with some of her sails up. We waited for her and and cruised with her while she set the rest of her sails. Later we could see the Lady Washington and she was already under full sail. It is so exciting to see them. They were going out for their battle adventure where they have cannon ball fights. All the crew are in period attire.

I call into the marina and get my slip number and dock. A man and wife approach Shatoosh and are interested in knowing more about her. They are looking for a boat and he is a retired Naval Captain who lives in  Port Ludlow. We give them the tour and praise The Albin's attributes, especially now that she has a Pacific run to boost her credentials. He too, was impressed that we came up the coast and went into La Push.

Joyce and I see some interesting boats, so armed with cameras off we went, just in time to see the Chieftain and The Lady return to port. They are docked on our pier. Joyce returns to the galley after some pupus of Canadian cheese and Crackers, to fix salmon, asparagus and potatoes from Linda's garden. The kids on the tall ships are having a BBQ up on shore, they are walking the docks singing and playing the banjo and Ukulele. Ah, just like a quaint seaport in the mid 1700's.

This has been another, "What a Day"..We are on a roll, of great days and great ports of call.
Today's run 16nm
Total: 390nm.



classic vessel

Hawaiian Chieftain

Lady Washington

How cute are we?

TLW arrives back in port

HC furls her sails while TLW docks

Looking Good

Furling Sails on the HC

Yonder built in 1928

Yonder's bow

Strumming along the dock