Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cathlamet day 2

Linda fixes breakfast at her rig and we have a beautiful view of the slough. The sun is up, the skies blue and it might be in the low 80's. Hurray.

We take a walk over the the far docks so that I can put some books on Russ and Marsha Matta's Baba 30, named Cicero.

Linds'a friend Ardine arrives in her newly acquired RV and she gets set up next to Linda. It turns out Ardine and I took the same Reiki class in 1985 in Tacoma taught by Helen Haberly. A very small world.

We spend a casual afternoon and have a wonderful meal with fresh food from their personal gardens. The day is cooling off and we take a small tour of the Cathlamet waterfront in Shatoosh. Going under Puget Island Bridge and getting to see the granite cliffs were a treat for them. We went up the slough a bit to see the new houses and private docks.

Linda and Ardines vans, looking from the slough as we head out for a evening cruise.

As we were tying up a couple came to see Shatoosh. They have been looking at Albins and had never seen one. He knew who we were, as he reads the blog. His friend in the marina had called him to tell him an Albin 25 was in the marina. He asked ,"Is it Hira and Shatoosh?" How great this is, I get to meet a reader of the blog.