Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hira, Shatoosh and Pashmina Say Farewell to the Columbia River

Shatoosh and Hira have completed their West Coast River Odyssey and will depart from their final river, the Skipanon, to cross the Columbia River Bar and become Pacific Ocean and Salish Sea Cruisers. Stay tuned to read about the New Adventures of Shatoosh and Pashmina

Marsha Matta, artist extraordinaire, captures our proposed departure with great joy and happiness that is in our hearts. We have had a wonderful and fulfilling time on the Columbia River Systems and she cleverly captures our love of the river, the local wildlife and the gratitude I have for all the fantastic people I have met on the Columbia, Snake and Willamette Rivers. I have been waiting with great anticipation to share this fantastic illustration with all the faithful readers and great supporters of our adventures. Thank you, Marsha, for this unbelievable gift that you have given me. I will cherish this, forever.

Marsha and her husband Russ, are very special people that I met on the river. They keep several sized sailboats in Cathlamet, but spend many hours on Cicero, a Baba 30, which is beautifully maintained. Russ, took the stunning photos of Shatoosh that appear in the opening section of the blog. I wish I could spend more time with them and hope that they will meander up to the southern sound to go cruising. Remember, Russ and Marsha, you are both always welcome to join me on Shatoosh.