Friday, June 24, 2011

Gig Harbor and Tacoma

23 June 2011 Thursday

We put on our cleanest clothes, after washing our hair. Ann, my long time crew person, came down from her home in Tacoma and we ate at an Indian restuarant and then I took them to the Gig Harbor History Museum where they had a showing of maritime art. It was beautiful.

We are tied to the city dock and it is a constant stream of people passing and many seemed to be like me, passing up the mega yachts to look at the little vessels and I'd have to say by the numbers of people who stopped to see Shatoosh, she was the highlight of the dock. Many folks were familiar with Albins, had heard of them, but never seen one, or a friend had one.

Later, we met with old friends, Jane, who had bought a commerative brick for Hira, Shatoosh and Sabra for the opening of the museum. My old mentor, Virginia came with her aunt, Mimmie, who is 104 years old. While Mimmie couldn't get on Shatoosh the others did.

Jane, Virginia, Joyce and Mimmie

24 June 2011: Friday

The last leg for Joyce today as we make a short run to Tacoma and the Foss waterway marina where I have gotten a slip for one week. We depart Gig  at 1000 hrs and the weather is nice. We pass Pt. Defiance and the VHF speaks telling that a gray whale is caught in a net 2 nm south of Pt. Defiance. We also heard that rare sightenings of long nose dophins are way off course and in the lower section of the Puget Sound near Olympia.

We cruise along the waterfront and see my favorite places to dine and then into the Foss to see all the boats and marinas, the International Museum of Glass, and The Museum of Natural History. We get a covered slip, fuel and pump out the head. Joyce rents a car and the Entrprise people pick us up. We  have lunch and head to my condo. Joyce heads for Seattle and I take a one hour nap.
The trip ends.
Day's run: 9nm
Total 470nm

The Foss Waterway and the International Glass Museum

Interesting Vessel from Alaska