Thursday, June 16, 2011

Port Angeles To Port Townsend

We need to delay departure for tide change, so take the opportunity to have a sea women's breakfast at the local cafe at the top of the marina. The pancakes, eggs and bacon were great and on the senior menu. Joyce and I walked some of the other docks and went aboard a newly constructed Aluminum 60 ft vessel, built for the Navy to go atop a cruiser. They were doing trials on it and it had 6 hours of engine time. Its function would be a dive vessel for underwater repairs.

We got back in time to prepare Shatoosh and, of course, the wind came up pushing us into the dock.. We pulled out in reverse, kicking my starboard stern around...I do love that Volvo left hand prop. Just outside the marina we turn and see the Olympics in snow against the blue skies and green trees. There is nothing more beautiful.

At 1030 we hear the Victoria Coast Guard reporting a capsized vessel 2 nm south of Cape Flattery. Also, the Puget Sound CG, announced that at 0800 hrs someone was lost in the water, and later recovered. The seas are flat, a westerly swell 1 ft and minimal wind.

1120 we are approaching the Dungeness Lighthouse, so we pull in closer to take a photo and cruise the beautiful sandy spit in 24 ft of water. Joyce had walked that spit some years ago. The tide is on our side now and we are swiftly moving between 7- 10. 3 knots.

At 1300 I go below and take a short nap. Upon rising, The Clipper From Seattle /Victoria run is returning, along with the Hawaiian Chieftain heading to Port Ludlow. I call and get a slip for Point Hudson Marina. At 1400 we are tied up in the newly renovated marina.

Day's run: 32nm
Total: 374nm

Joyce plots positon on charts

Dungeness Lighthouse

Olympic Mtns