Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cathlamet Day 3

Our beautiful weather  has changed again and is now overcast, but breaks some in the afternoon. I splurged on another $.25 shower this morning. My friends departed today, heading back to Tacoma. We really had a nice time hooking up together in this lovely, quaint town. Linda and I had breakfast together. My sunday special of french toast made with organic eggs from Pam's little farm, seemed to hit the spot. We all sat in Shatoosh's cockpit and talked about spiritual journeys and concepts, while the mantra, Om Namah Shivaya played. Linda and Ardine are thinking about meeting up with us with along our route. We spoke about them hanging out in La Push and them doing some of the beach hikes while they wait for us. I hear they are spectacular and they both like to hike and walk.
I put on my new cap for the crossing to show Linda.

I checked in with other local boaters that I had met here. One boat, the Lady Louise, is headed north in about 10 days. They will be harbor hopping and they even go into Willapa bay at times. This is a very shallow bay south of Grays Harbor and north of the Columbia River. Local knowledge is wise to get across the breaking seas and the misplaced buoys. I'm not planning on going in there, but it is nice to know that it is possible and to have met someone who has done it. This will be one West Coast River that I won't explore.

I haven't been able to post photos here, as the cell coverage is not the best. I depart in the morning for Warrenton, Or, which is west of Astoria. I explore my navigation program more tonight and discover that I can convert a previously stored tracking to a route with waypoints and then activate and use it. I look in my log book, find when I cruised from Cathlamet to Astoria last year. I matched the date with the stored files and transferred it to the route editor and presto I had my new route with waypoints. I can't wait to use it tomorrow.