Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wind On The Water

6 June 2010 Sunday:

Its countdown day 8 to haulout for the trip. After months of preparation I am in fine tuning mode and have discovered a fantastic weather site for the boating community. It is
This is for The Dalles in the Columbia River Gorge.

Click on your area, select the location of the waters where you cruise from the right side bar index and a 24 hr. pop-up appears which shows the speed and direction of the wind in graph form. It also shows the previous day. This graph shows an 18mph gust in the wind at 1400hrs from the north east and you can see the multi-directional aspect to the wind yesterday.

Our biggest hurdle will be to navigate the waters of the Columbia River Gorge, as it is narrow with high winds and seas. After all the Gorge is the wind surfing capital of the world. This tool will help us immensely as we move down river, as it will show us what time the wind gusts are occurring. Traditionally, the westerlies build in the afternoon, early morning travel is suggested and being in a safe harbor is good timing for the afternoon. There are no sensors on the Snake River.

I am quick to get this saved to my toolbar and will use it daily.