Wednesday, June 9, 2010

5 Days to Haulout

Can you believe it? I've become a single digit midget.. I'm back onboard Shatoosh, but moving very slowly after 2 days of a "catch in my getalong". Thank heavens for my physical therapy expertise and having Reiki in my life. This evening I feel about 80 % better, but am being very cautious and moving with great awareness. My twin, Jean has been sending me distant treatments, as well as me treating myself. By tomorrow I should be back to normal. I'm glad that I don't procrastinate, as all the major things are done, so I can take my time fine tuning the remainder of my lists.

Too Tall is pressing hard to complete some boat projects and Ann is joining me on Saturday. Sunday, we will meet Too Tall at Scappoose Bay and Monday we haul out and head off to the Snake River. Too Tall and I created a plan B, just in case he can't make it here on Sunday. We had SW winds today with lots of rain squalls; parts of the gorge had 30 mph winds with gusts to 40mph. The river is really high but makes the ramp easy to navigate which makes my back smile. While all this does not sound inviting, the weather this weekend changes drastically and will be sunny and 85, the weatherman says. This sounds really good to me, as I haven't seen a day that broke into the 70's yet.