Monday, June 28, 2010

Taking Stock

26 June 2010: Saturday

Ann helps figure engine hours in actual time, as my clock on the engine always runs faster than real time. According to my engine hours log book it says we have run 66.5 hours, while computing all the hours the engine ran from the log book it reads 61.25hrs.
Total Mileage: 368nm
Fuel: 29 gallons; averaging 12 miles per gallon and using only .475 gal per hour. Total cost: $104.00
Food : $ 291--Too Tall pitched in money for food as we fed him lunch and dinner. He only ate one MRE
Moorage: $134
Fuel: $104
Trucking shatoosh to Clarkston WA: $1700
Jet Boat Tour $95
Total expenses: $2428