Thursday, June 10, 2010

4 Days to the Snake

I took my orange fenders to the gas station to use their air compressor, as my hand pump didn't even begin to fill them. Purchased 3 more gallons of filtered water and then took my time hauling 2 coolers filled with miscellaneous fluids to the boat. I took some resting time to compose my Blessing for the trip. I met with the acting marina manager and made arrangements for Too Tall and Skol to stay a few days after we return to get his truck and trailer. There is an empty slip across from me on my dock which he can stay and there won't be a charge. "NO charge", I ask? "No, we understand how people need assistance with cruising and moving vehicles. We like to be helpful", she says. My marina is low key, not fancy, and has always been helpful. Since they don't have transient moorage, I was hoping they would give us a slip, but a free boon is wonderful.

My back is doing much better today and I continue to be cautious with my movements. I've been on my knees stowing things in the bottom of the hanging locker, I've been lifting, twisting and hauling without moaning and flinching in pain, so I'm feeling pretty lucky for my quick recovery.

Our weather in Scappoose is doing more of the same: intermittent rain squalls and SW wind. Just knowing the window of opportunity is about to open makes me smile and be excited. Just checked on today's weather on the Columbia. is terrible. Take a look! Roosevelt across from Arlington is gusting to over 40 mph.