Sunday, June 13, 2010

1 Day to Snake

A north wind is blowing this morning, so we select to go up river to get fuel. The amounts of trees and debris coming down river is amazing and often create islands of floatsum. Ann has to fend off one of the islands as I go into to pay for the fuel. The current is hefty and the tide running out but the wind and waves are on our stern. We select a section of the river that is not infested with debris and shove off and head down river. We speed along at an easy 8 knots dodging all the trees and things.

Too Tall calls and he has arrived early and is in the Scappoose Bay parking lot. He is hungry so will go eat and be back in time for our arrival. As we pull up he is on the dock taking photos of our arrival. It is so good to see him. It has been 7 years since he hauled me up to the Columbia River. What a wonderful friend and buddy.

We hang out all afternoon, talking, laughing and having the best time. How good is this, friends, boats and sunshine. After dinner we see the inside of Skol and how he is planning on sleeping. It looks pretty good.
Then Ann and I return to Shatoosh and begin removing fenders, stowing oars, boat brushes, and getting the boat ready for morning transportation. Haulout is scheduled for 0600-0700. We can't wait.