Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lyons Ferry to Charbonneau State Park

18 June 2010 Friday:
Everyone is up at 0500 as the sun is beaming into the cabins, in spite of being in a covered slip. Blue sky is everywhere, there is no wind and boy, are we excited. We head up the Palouse river which is across from the marina. The mountain peaks are beautiful and we cruise up close to the cliff's edges. the basalt columns are beautiful with the morning sun on them.

This area is a part of the Corp's Route and years ago before the river was flooded from the dams, one of the medals was found in a Palouse Indian cemetery, that was given to Indian chiefs by Lewis and Clark. We took this time to bless this site with sacred holy water that I have from 2 sacred locations. We bless this confluence of rivers with my holy water and again thank the explorers.
Hira blesses the confluence of the Palouse and Snake Rivers as Too Tall and Skol Watch

We return to the Snake River at 0815 and continue down river. It is flat, beautiful and we see many nesting cranes in the bridge framework, as we pass under the tallest train tressel in the nation at 144 ft above the river.

At 0925 we are at sm 52 we stop and gaze at a mountain of columnar basalt which is spectacular.

What A Sight

Curved Columns of Basalt

Shatoosh looks small against the basalt cliffs

My Favorite Photo of Reflections

Later we see a flock of white pelicans standing in shallow water. They are really impressive.

The chart plotter has us at sm 49, 2 miles from Skookum Canyon. We take refuge at the small dock which is part of the Skookum Habitat Management System.

Ann and Hira washes down the starboard side of the boat and the aft cabin which was still dirty from trucking. We take a resting break and have coffee. We see another tug coming down river. and rapidly cast off our dock lines with hopes of catching up to speak with the tug captain about his locking plan. We don't want to miss another opportunity to lock early.

Hira rests against Too Tall Tom's fouton for his cockpit. Because of its size we carry it in Shatoosh during the day.

At 1124 the Legend's captain states he will be dropping off 2 barges at the grain elevator down river and will be locking at a later time. We call the Lower Monumental Lock Master (LO-MO) and he states that he will lock us down early and then lock the Legend later. Another break for our schedule.

LoMO lock: The chart Plotter reveals our position inside the lock. Cool.
We are out of the lock at 1232 and pick up the spillway water going at a rapid 11.6 knots!

We bypass Windust Rec Area at 1242 and 2 hours later we are going through the narrowest section of the Snake river sm 20 which is abut 120 feet wide. We elect not to stop at Fishhook Rec area as there are too many skidoos, children and water skiers. We select Charbonneau Marina. Skol gets gas, we get ice and 2 nice slips.Sm 10.

Too Tall making notes and using a headlight to see by.A cockpit full of Too Tall Tom

Day's run: 43.1nm
Total: 126 nm