Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Blog Admirers & Blessings for Our Trip

Andreas, an Albin  owner in Vienna, Austria writes on his albin website: (

"Should you be interested in the stories of one who practically lives on an Albin 25 cruising across the US then have a look onto Hira's blog. Fantastically written, completed by picturesque photos, Hira shares her adventures with Shatoosh and Pashmina, her Albin 25 and her dinghy. I am sure you will get not only great insights in US inland waterways but also the people and the nature passing on the river banks. Her blog is both entertaining and documentary, I like it!
Hira, may you have a palm of water underneath your keel always, as we use to say here!"


Jill Koch from Beamers Jet Boat Tours in Clarkston, WA comments:
"Fair winds and following sea's to you and your crew, Hira!"