Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 Days to Snake: An Auspicious Beginning

In the Eastern Indian tradition it is always auspicious to begin events on a new moon which begins today. The new moon brings light into the event. So from this day forward more and more light will be flowing into our lives and our accomplishments. The waxing of the moon's light steals the darkness of the night. The wind has died on the Columbia River, the sun is revealing itself today and the temperature will be in the 80's. So, we have the sun's heating element and the moon's cooling element lighting our way and the wind gods on our side. How perfect is this! Too Tall is departing the Sacramento Delta(California) today headed north and Ann is coming south from Tacoma today.

Ann arrives about noon and after getting a few groceries, we have lunch on board. After stowing drinking water, washing the boat, filling the alcohol canisters and giving Ann a good orientation to the boat, we settle down for instruction in looking at the charts and the sea Clear program. Getting a good fit on her life jacket, where the flare gun is located and how to load it, what the locking procedures are, and many minutes go by in reviewing that old bowline knot. We make up a menu for 3-4 days that will carry us down the Snake. Shatoosh looks good and it is always nice to have Ann as crew. She is a hard worker and ready to do any job that is delegated to her.

The sunshine was beautiful today, but the pollen count was very high and my eyes are red and watery from the Cottonwood trees. The river was running wild and high today with a zillion trees and debris racing downriver trying to beat the waves in front of them. It was quite the sight. I heard they are letting the water out of all the dams. Too Tall must be in Oregon by tonight. Rendezvous is tomorrow. I look forward to it with great anticipation and excitement.