Monday, June 28, 2010


I have been posting the cruise for 2 days now and it is all up. I think the photos are incredible, the journey fabulous, but not an easy one. I have been in worse weather with following seas on Shatoosh, but I have never had to stay at the helm for so many hours in such confused head seas. There was no order in them at all, except for the long, gentle rollers which preceded the heavy wind patterns and confused seas. It is always hard to estimate the wind when you are enclosed in a cabin(thank heaven), but I would estimate the larger gusts to be over 25mph and the largest waves perhaps 5-6 the very most with the average 3-4 fters.
I am grateful for many things and for many people who helped me complete this adventure safely.

1. Thank you Dan on Whiskyjack, who encouraged me to convert my mini net book to a GPS Plotter. It worked really well, after I figured out how to use it. Now, I can't imagine not using it. Thank you for teaching me how to insert charts into my blog using paint. It has added another dimension to the blog.
2. Thank you Hell's Canyon Visitor Bureau for contacting me and pointing me in all the right directions.
I'm sorry that I was unable to meet you in person and now that I won't be driving back up there I won't meet you on the return trip. Perhaps I will return again.
3. Jill Koch at Beamers Jet Boat Tours: for helping give Too Tall a place to park his truck and
Trailer and for providing such a wonderful jet boat tour. I want to return for the full day trip.
4. Jock, the owner of Hells Canyon Marina and RV Resort: Who is the friendly guy who helped in many ways, even staying late one evening so we could have a hot tub and work on our sore muscles and tired bodies.
5. Boyer Marina: first night after locking down. The showers were great and the view spectacular with all the white pelicans flying overhead. I could have stayed another day.
6.. Lyons Ferry and KOA:The best hamburger ever! Thanks for the friendly service and the covered slip.
7. Charbonneau Marina: the slip was great, the sunrise unbelievable.
8. Sacajawea State Park and Interpretive Center The museum was awesome and the marina quaint. I loved every minute.
9. The Walla Walla Yacht Club: Your generous hospitality was timely to say the least. From making coffee, to giving us a tour, offering showers, telling us history and stories, allowing us a free run of the place, giving us buns for our sandwiches and letting Ann and Too Tall  have a nap on your couches.  Everyone was great, even Ruger who escorted us  around the grounds.Thank you a million for dock space to wait out the wind and for me to check my engine. May the winds keep all your sails full.
10. Bob the harbor master at Umatilla: Thanks for all your help, getting us keys, sharing your military history on board the Glass, CG Cutter. Thanks for giving us  the slips and for helping Too Tall on his return
11. Thank you Linda, Pam and Dale, Jan and Jim for cooking us such a wonderful dinner while docked in Umatilla. It was another life saver. Linda- thanks for taking us to the grocery store.
12.To all of the 8 Lock Masters: Everyone was so polite and accommodating to us. You men and women are a special breed of folks who provide a very valuable service to commerce, as well as, us Rec Boaters.
13. To Ann and Too Tall. A special note of gratitude for you both. It was fun being with you again and having you join in my adventure. It was a beautiful journey and thank you for being there with me.I loved being with you both.
14. Last, but not least: Tim Kirkpatrick of Norgard-Kirkpatrick Boat Hauling in Scappoose, Oregon
For without him this trip would not have been possible. His expert handling of Shatoosh in hauling her out and launching her in Clarkston, Wa was effortless. He provides a valuable service. Use him on your next trip.
15. I want to thank all those beautiful little docks which appeared out of nowhere to welcome us get out of the wind or wait for a lockage. We always enjoyed our coffee break and nap on them.
16. Boy,oh boy, I am so grateful for Shatoosh and Pashmina. They are the best boats ever. What would I do without them?
17. I am very grateful for all the great beings who watch over me and guide me taking me to a higher level of awareness and consciousness. As a result of being pushed to all new levels and heights, my confidence level
has increased to an all time high and my appreciation of this earth's beauty is unquestionably changed.