Monday, June 28, 2010

Government Island to Scappoose Moorage

26 June 2010: Saturday

We cast off our lines at 0930hrs and begin the final leg of this great adventure. I give Ann the helm again to steer the range markers into Portland where we pass numerous ships from foreign ports: Hong Kong, Panama, Valleta. We are in big tug country, so we run across the Katherine B for the 3rd time. She was in the locks with us at Lower Granite Dam, then saw her at The Dalles, now here near the mouth of the Willamette River. The Outlaw is tied up and we have seen him before as we came out of the Dalles Dam.

We enter the Willamette River at 1050 and I have Ann slow down so I can disperse holy water at the confluence. We don't get a photo as my battery is low. There are several ships docked on the Willamette hailing from Panama and Valleta.

At 1110 we enter the Multnomah Channel to starboard and continue down to Hadley's Landing and tie up for our last sandwich and apple. We eat and run, arriving at Scappoose Moorage at 1330. Ann treats me to a wonderful Mexican dinner at the local cafe
Days run 23nm
Total 368nm