Monday, June 28, 2010

Rooster Rock to Government Island

25 June 2010: Friday
Today is a special day to celebrate our trip, so I'm fixing french toast for breakfast. As I am cooking I discover a new double duty trick. I place the syrup in the hot water kettle to warm it up. How clever is that?

We re-dock Shatoosh from the lagoon dock to one of the land docks, so we can visit the head. There is an abundance of cotton wood blowing, so I pick up a snowball sized one, along with a stranding of seeds. It is light as a feather but the heat coming off it really something.

We depart the dock and motor over to the edge of the lagoon to show Ann some of the basalt.

We depart Rooster Rock at 1045, and meet the Columbia River at the jetty's edge. We are still under the influence of the Bonneville dam spillway and are making 9,2k at Reed Island and 11.1k as we make a turn to port at Washougal. For the last few days Ann has been able to steer really well using all the ranges, so I let her stay at the helm. We pull into the new dock on Government Island  sm 114 which has over a 1,000ft of dock space. Lewis and Clark stayed here but called it Diamond Island. It became government island when the horses at Ft Vancouver were stabled here..Today there will be 2 GI girls staying on GIsland. We arrive 1225, eat a bite of lunch, put the flags back up and continue with some little chores. A boat pulls in and a couple comes over who I haven't run into for 5 years. They have a larger boat now. Jerry and Diane on Hallelujah, so we have a nice chat. Then Hira goes below.......for a nap in the lovely sun.

We finish the evening with a full moon and then to bed.

Days run 12nm
Total 345nm