Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photo Ops with Russ and Greg

The morning is clear blue skies and a lazy misty marsh fog in the lagoon. I see the triangular wake of a muskrat cruising across Martin Slough. The guys on the little cruiser get up and put on their coffee to perk...I use filtered coffee. They bring out their big guns; Nikons and Cannon digitals with big zooms and wide angles. They get really focused and take lots of photos of Shatoosh, me and their boat. We admire the other sailboat anchored in the lagoon, I say it is a Pacific Seacraft Orion cutter and Russ thinks it might be a Mariah. He knows his sailboats and has a Baba 30, as well as this little one. I bring out my little gun and take their picture. Click and it is off to my email in a flash, so later I can upload it to the blog. We spend lots of time sharing stories, dreams, and talking boats. There is a hint of wind and the traveling duo want to sail. They take off and I head over to talk with the skipper of the ? Orion. It seems that I am correct. It is an Orion. Made by the same company that built Jean's and my Pacific Seacraft 25, Double Trouble.

I catch up with them near the entrance of the Columbia River, when up goes the sails and the guys are happy as clams, sailing the little Compac 19. I circle several times and take photos with my little gun and they are shooting away at Shatoosh. Oh boy, photos under way. I can't wait.

I continue up to St Helens to get fuel, pump out and it is so glorious I cross the river and dock for lunch at Sand Island. Afterwards I head back down river a bit to tuck in behind some small islands just down river of the Lewis River. It is an old silted in log boom area. The tide is going out and my depth sounders reads 6 ft. Too shallow for me but I stay anyway. I come back out into 11 ft of water and anchor and I am protected by a long sand spit. Several big ships have passed and only one put up a big rolly wake. The tide turns in a few mintues at 1800 hrs, so I think I will weigh anchor and head up river. I like going with the flow. It is so much easier. I'll sign off for now, but will add more stories later as the evening rolls around.
I'm cruising by Sand Island and see the little Compac 19. I pull alongside but the guys are off the boat. I tie up and later they show up. Its more story time and I offer to fix dinner with all the remaining fresh foods. We have a nice stir fry with eggs, sausage, cheese, onion, and asparagus. Sugar pea pods on the side. We have a nice meal at the dining table. Its been a long time since I had dinner guests, so it was a wonderful treat for all. It has been really fun to show the guys all the best things about the Albin. They seem convinced that she is a great pocket cruiser. What fun this has been. They are praying for wind in the morning and I am praying for flat waters. No matter what the weather is tomorrow, great fun will be had by all.