Monday, August 31, 2009

Back on Land with Boating on My MInd

The Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain are in Gig Harbor, so off I go to take a closer look. My intention was to see the sleeping quarters. While normally closed to the public I was able to see the area. Each person has a full twin sized bed with pillow and sheets, blankets. It is nice. This area would have been the hole for storage. Spoke with several of the crew and I was assured, if desired, I could stand night watches as helmsman. Spent most of the time with the second Captain in training. They were going to assist a family dispersing ashes and fire a gun salute and ring the bells while the family and guests were on a very beautiful Choey Lee sloop. My trip is coming up in September and just being on board makes me want to go to sea now.

I received photos from Russ who took them a few days ago. They are from the Nikon so the quality is really good. It is so nice to have photos under way of Shatoosh. These were taken just oustside the entrance to Martin Slough with Martin Bluff in the background.