Friday, August 28, 2009

Nature Calls Early on Coon Island

Hammer, hammer, hammer goes the woodpecker, squawk, squawk goes the great blue heron, honk, honk goes the Canada geese as they fly over. I get up, it is before the sun rises, and put on that coffee water. The sky is clear and blue and not a whisper of wind. The boat is so still, not moving at all. I open the cabin door and it is too cool for a cockpit visit. I close the door, cover up with my bedroll and wait for the water to boil. Oh boy, the coffee is ready, and a beautiful sunrise to view. I get dressed and sit in the cockpit. What a beautiful morning. the rays of sun warm the cockpit quickly. The crows continue to jabber back and forth with each other saying all kinds of important things.

It inspires me to walk the island. There is a loop trail that skirts the perimeter of the island. Mostly the trail is in dense forest, but opens up in several places to view the water and docks.
I pass a big cottonwood which fell one day when I was docked near by. The noise was incredible and fortunately it fell in towards the island. Not all the trees have fallen inwards, and I have heard of some falling onto the docks on the west side landing on boats.

I return and have my breakfast of green drink and almonds. I scrub some yukie stuff off my newly painted waterline and empty out my solar shower. Start the engine and yes, I do remember to check the water pump discharge. I slowly motor out and am in no hurray to get back. I see the Pacific Seacraft Orion up ahead, motoring up the channel. He must have been on the other side of the island or came up this morning. We are clicking right along at 6.7 knots. I place my auto pilot on. Actually it is my pedo-pilot. I use my foot to stabilize my course. My Dr. Scholl's tennis shoe seems to work the best. Inside my shoe it says, Hecho in China. Isn't that the funniest thing ever? I really get tickled reading that this morning. Another thing you might notice is the little blue item on my shoe. More people have asked about this on this cruise than ever before. In Dec 1979, I ran the Honolulu marathon. This is where I would always put my car key as I was training for the race. I have always worn this on my tennis shoe ever since. I did finish the race and was not last. I see that I could wash it once in a while.

I bypass my marina and cruise upriver looking at all the boats, marinas and floating homes. Then return reluctantly to the marina. I have been onboard since the 12th of Aug. This has been such a remarkable time, getting so much work done and having so much fun cruising the waters. I have met so many new people, run into people I have met before, seen so many interesting boats and become more enamored of Shatoosh's wonderful qualities. Tomorrow I am stopping by Kalama, Wa. to partake in their annual Hawaiian Heritage Weekend, then north to my condo.

I logged in 105 nm.