Thursday, August 27, 2009

90 Degree Temps Force Me to Coon Island East

The Compac duo guys depart with the flooding tide at 0730. The wind is up slightly so they get their wish of sailing to Portland. I get my wish of flat water on the Multnomah. We both are winners.

I run into one of my mechanics coming out of Gilbert River in the dinghy with 2 dogs, making a potty run. As I am docking on Coon I am looking for the big deadhead but don't see it and then as I am pulling into the dock it is right in front of me caught on the dock. I swing out and go farther down the dock. Later I attach a buoy to it. Another large tree is coming into my boat with the tide, so I fend off that one, as well. A couple of fishermen drag it down river and put it in with a pile of logs on the other side of the river.

I have a small lunch hook and rode that I keep in the port locker. I have often thought of using that on these short anchorages. I get it out to check it out and discover I had never attached the rode to the chain and the chain to the anchor. Glad I looked before I throw it overboard. After getting that all squared away. I also found a lead line and a throwing monkey's fist in the bottom of the locker. It is good to know what is on board.

There is always a lot of boat traffic coming and going. This is the first time a I see a team of rowers coming downriver. They look quite smart as they glide by in silent synchronization.

Late afternoon begins the cooling off period. I see some shade on the dock so hand turn Shatoosh around and move her to the new spot. I'm the only one on the upper river side. This suits me fine as I hope to have a mini shower later. The water is pipping hot. I look forward to it. There is a whisper of wind blowing up river and blessing the cockpit with sublime sweetness. This is just perfect.