Sunday, June 16, 2013

Winter Cove to Friday Harbor, WA USA

14 June 2013 Friday

We weigh anchor at 0900 hrs and follow the Saturna Island shoreline and then taking Pender Island to Starboard. At 1015 we cross the stern of a Japanese Freighter and enter US waters. At 1235 we tie up to the Customs Dock in Friday Harbor and call in. An Agent takes my information and then comes down to the boat to chat. Well, that was easy.

We shower, walk the docks, and Joyce fixes me a great fish dinner....again.
days run 21nm
my total 263nm
Joyce's total 169nm

While dock walking I spot an Albin 25 coming into the work dock. It is the Tern who lives on a buoy over on Waldron Island. The owners are flower growers and they bring their flowers to the farmers market each week.  I introduce myself and we have a short chat, but they are in a rush to meet the ferry.

I turn around and see another boat at the work dock. It is an old Vashon Tug. Could it be my old Shakti?
I look at the registration # and it looks familiar. I walk back to Shatoosh, look up my photo of her and zoom in on my old reg # and sure nuff it is my old Vashon Tug. I had bought her in 1986. I find out from the
Tern owners that it, too is a work boat for a Waldron Vegetable farmer who  comes to the market as well. It has been repainted some. The memories start flooding in. What a sweet little cruiser she was. I had so much fun with her cruising the San Juan Islands. It is nice to know that she is still in working order and a local boat.

What a great ending to this delightful cruise with Joyce.