Saturday, June 15, 2013

Albineers of BC Rendezvous Telegraph Harbor Marina

8 June 2013 Saturday
After an 0830 departure we head over to Conover Cove where some of the Albins have spent the night. We see them departing as we pull in and take our peek at this delightful cove. There is a dock, trails to hike and a small anchorage. This looks like something we might do on the way home.

We keep the other boats in view as we head for Telegraph. This will be a fun stop over to meet new Albin owners and see lots of boats.
Matt Lewis Mana Kai

Mana Kai loaded with crab pots and a lovely family
Tilting  bench seat- Komkela Marvin Glover

Pam Westhaver takes Pashmina for a spin

Mike Grant of Skol loans me his honda 2hp

this is nice

Peter Boldt will be 90 next month
Happy Birthday Peter
It was an honor getting to meet you and hear some of your stories.
He knew of interesting facts about the Dunsmuir family--my family ancestors
who mined coal on Vancouver Island

He owns Alanje with sliding doors.
Went down the Mississippi  River years ago and
 states it was a trip of a lifetime

An Albin 30---
Sumeru Albin 30

Norm and Jo Lim

2 large berths in aft cabin

Samura departing
Their awaning covers their aft cabin
Nice, there were only 3 on the west coast. A perfect live aboard

Apollo 32: Some Albineers have upgraded to Danish built.

Apollo 32

v berth and salon are all open

Salon downstairs with galley, head

Skol: Mike and Penny Grant have made a by-fold cabin door to give more room to get in and out with refigerator build in.

The gathering was wonderful and Shatoosh and Pashmina were big hits with the group. We were the only American Albin there. We met so many wonderful owners, the dinner was very good which was prepared by the marina staff; bbq hamburgers, Cesar salad, dessert. This was our most expensive stop over; $CA- 43 for moorage, 3 for a shower, 3 for ice, 16 for dinner. The friendships, the wonderful array of people and their boats make an Albin Gathering a must... What fun! I failed to get a photo of 2 important people in the Albineers. Iris and John Down. They plan the events and make certain everyone is welcomed and cared for. Thank you both for all your years of service to the club. You are both dear to my heart and very special people.