Thursday, June 20, 2013

Parks Bay to Friday Harbor to Jones Island to Blind Bay-Shaw Island

19-20 June 2013 Wednesday-Thursday

1030 hr-I weigh anchor and the mud is everywhere...what a mess....I throw a few buckets of water on the anchor chain and rode and then the mess is all over the decks. I leave the whole rode on deck secured. There is no way I'm putting that in the anchor locker.

I motor to Friday harbor and pick up ice, and as I look aft towards the swim platform I see another mess of a dead fish-sole half eaten, blood everywhere. An otter must have been a night time diner on the swim platform. I pull over to the guest dock and go have lunch. There is no hose for fresh water on the dock.Now I have a bigger mess. I throw a few buckets of sea water and scrub off the the dead matter.

Off I go to Jones island state park. It has been 26 even years since I have been here. I take a buoy and there are 2 sail boats here on buoys. One, I recognize, it is a Willard. I met Bob 2011 when we were in Martin Slough  on the Columbia River. Here we go again with history catching up with me again. We were both heading down river to cross the Columbia River Bar about the same time. He was heading north to Barkley Sound, which he does annually. He has a nice sailing dinghy(13 ft). He has just returned form his annual trek and I recognize his boat and dinghy and he hails from Scapoose, Or., my old waking ground.

The other sailboat hails from WA but has sailed to Australia. He hails me over to tell me they carried a Porta Bote  with them and no one ever stole it as the thives always wanted a Zodiac. The ugly boat that really rows like crazy.

I walk a little and can see the effects of the big storm that took down many trees.
I did not count the rings

The dinghy dock--it takes all kinds

I take Pashmina around the bay looking at all the rock formations:
My favorite: a tetrahedron
The perfect yoga posture: Siddhasasna:
Sitting with your head and spine erect, your thighs abducted,and externally rotated,
a line then can be drawn from your head to your feet.
Om shanti shanti
Sacred Geometry is in all things.

What is this?
After poking, turning it with my oar, I discover it is a small deer.
 The white is skin, the spinal bones reveal the vertebral column
and I can see the tail and the hind leg.

A nice gravel beach

The weather holds
thanks to the rubber ducky at Friday Harbor

A Weather Change: I am back in foul weathers and fleece but it
Doesn't dampen my spirits.

I am at Blind  Bay, Shaw Island..the storm has abated; the wind has stopped, the rain has stopped. In spite of many things to deal with today, I am at peace with my life, my boats and my Self.  There is a scheduled weather  break manana.