Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Friends on Blake Island

I am blessed, as I get to meet some really wonderful people as I am cruising around and I think I hit the jackpot on Blake Island. If meeting the WA State Parks Commissioners and the Blake Island Park Rangers weren't enough, then meeting these 2 couples threw me over the top.

Megan, Gary and Helms A Lee...Ex sailors, turned power boaters when Megan fell and broke her upper back sustaining paraplegia. They bought a  large Tolleycraft and have made some modifications to allow the wheelchair to get up a ramp into the main salon. A lift in the cockpit picks up Megan and puts her in her chair in the cockpit. When one loves Puget Sound like they do, there is nothing that is going to dampen their spirits or stop them from boating. What an amazing couple they are. Impressed I was from the minute I met them, but doubly impressed when Megan pulls out Vancouver's Log of Puget Sound. She is a girl after my heart. I hope we meet again and blessings to you both as you continue to follow your heart's love of boating in our favorite Puget Sound.

The next couple is Terry, Nancy and Bailey of Edmonds. They have a beautiful Riviera named Odyssey.

We had the best time hanging out for days, talking about all things spiritual, Reiki, nutrition, boating, photography and favorite cruising places. Nancy is quite the nutritionist and is really knowledgeable. She has pulled together lots of information about healing complex diseases. I have encouraged her to start a blog so others can benefit from her vast knowledge and experience. Jerry takes incredible photos with his big Nikon and he has a beautiful collection of eagle pictures. Wow. We are going to have to stay connected. There is still much to share with these two.Oh, by the way, Bailey stole my heart. A beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is great at keeping racoons off the boats.
El Bandito de Isle Blake