Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Ferry Ride to Gabriola Island to Visit Friends

11 June 2013 Tuesday

We catch the 0930 ferry as walk ons to Gabriola Island to see my Tacoma friend Care and Betty Lou who lives on Gabriola. Betty Lou donated many charts to me which we are using on the way thru the Gulf Islands.
The ride is 20 minutes. We wait for them to meet us and take a few photos of the artwork on the electric panel in the parking lot.

A twin keel hi and dry
Anchored Albin Vega

Care on left, Betty Lou on right
BL a sailor, golfer owns log cabin and has remodeled and added on to it.
She has a great shop to work on projects.
Care, my long time friend since the 60's.

They gave us a wonderful tour of the island, a lovely lunch and a packet full of charts. Thanks for the whirlwind tour. Next time I'll anchor in Silva Bay and visit for a longer time period. We return to Nanaimo and depart our guest dock spot at 1500 hrs. Next stop across the bay to Newcastle Island and we pick up a buoy for the night. This is the farthest north we have gone. 49 degrees, 10 minutes north.

Days run 1nm
Total 199nm