Sunday, June 16, 2013

Newcastle Island to Conover Cove, Wallace Island

12 June 2013 Wednesday

We have to navigate the Dodd Narrows heading south today so a late departure is in order for good timing. We slip the line off the buoy at 1100hrs. and head outbound Northumberland Channel. There is a slight headwind with gentle 1-2 foot waves and no boats in a holding pattern for the narrows. We are early again but this time it doesn't really matter as we are on an ebb. We slip thru easily at 9.1k. On the other side there are about 5 boats headed our way and a squall kicks up with rain and decreased visibility. I turn the radar on and show Joyce where all the approaching vessels are located on the screen as she has the helm. I have been letting her run Shatoosh for the most part so she can soak up the hours of helmananda--the bliss of  being at the helm.
Dodd Narrows

inbound sailboat Narrows

Conover Cove Dock
Arrival 1500 hrs

Conover Cove

Camping Shelter

Matt had told us tht people leave their boat names on  wood at the Conover Cabin
I was prepared with some wood from Montegue Harbor

Wow, this was a surprise. So many boats
All 4 walls inside and outside filled + the ceiling.

Recognize any of your friends?

You Might Know This One

Another Bandito

What is that Bright Light Shining My Way?

An after dinner row in Pashmina to Panther Point
Reveals some beautiful Sandstone Sculpturing

Another wonderful day.
Days run 24 nm
Total 223nm