Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Langley to La Conner

4 June 2013 Tuesday 0550 hrs.

A beautiful morning awaits us as I put Pashmina in the water from the swim platform and unhook the power cord. We have a slight north wind and 1 foot seas which allows me to cross over to the Camano Island side of Saratoga Passage. This will allow me to be in the lee of Camano should the north wind pick up. I will be bucking the tide so it is a slow slog north. My speed is 5.2k. My coffee mug is filled so I am set for the morning.

My first glimpse of Mt. Baker is breath taking.

I enter La Conner at 1100 hrs. and fuel up, ice up, pump out, dock inside the guest dock, top off the water tank, clean a cooler and have a 4 way conference call to Hawaii at 1200hrs. Then emails, blogging, more blogging to catch up. I am making them short.

I'll be glad my crew is coming tomorrow and all the work is done. How nice for my buddy, Joyce. She is flying in from Arizona and will arrive in the morning. We will be off in the Gulf Islands for a couple of weeks. So after this I won't be blogging or phone calling. How nice.
Proposed Route to Pender Island

I will catch up with everyone when we re enter the USA on the 14 June.  This first leg of my trip was 94nm.